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Hi, I'm Shannon.

Also known as Shanimal, Morella, and sometimes ObiWanKenboi.Welcome to my website!...wanna check out my portfolio?



Old soul, dog mom, creative mind, nerd.More info coming soon, if and when I'm inspired to write about myself.But just for fun, here's my D&D characters!


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D&D Characters

Morella Reinhart

Human Divination Wizard

Juliana Brewster

Aasimar Oath of Devotion Paladin and Divine Soul Sorcerer

Ayla Grimnel

Tiefling Aberrant Mind Sorcerer and Pact of the Talisman Warlock (Patron: Yog-Sothoth)

Emmy Duskfang

Half-Elf Circle of Spores Druid


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